#1 PMDG MD11 ... es anscheinend so weit von Maik 05.01.2009 17:31

Nach langer, langer, langer, sehr langer Zeit ist es anscheind nun soweit. Sie wird/soll in den nächsten Std das licht des WWW erblicken. Wenn ich ganz ehrlich bin, stelle ich sehr hohe Ansprüche an dieses Projekt von PMDG. Ich freue mich jedenfalls. Fedex->MD11->ANC


I thought I'd let you know that we are currently uploading a final test build for the PMDG MD-11 for FS9 so that our MD-11 Technical Advisory Team can take the airplane for a spin to see if we have nailed down the last few items that were on our plate for resolution.

If all goes well, we MIGHT have a release late in the day (zulu) on Monday!

If we discover any items that do not pass muster- we'll likely push the release back 24hrs to tie those loose ends up. We'll keep you posted as the day progresses so that you know when/if we make a decision to release or to hold.

Also: I'll be making the liveries live for you to download at some point over the next 12-14hrs. We have a few technical tasks to accomplish but then those will be available to you.

We appreciate your patience during the past two months while we have been arm-wrestling FS2004. This transition should have gone more smoothly, but like all things in life- it is the unexpected items that do the most havoc to your schedule.

We'll have more information for you later in the day!

Post Edit: Marcel's question below reminded me that I haven't mentioned this much lately so: The FSX version will be updated to match the FS9 version that releases on Mon/Tue. We anticipate putting the FSX version into the hands of our Tech Team on Monday evening, and expect it to release about 24-48rs later. We elected not to give them both versions at the same time because it confuses everyone involved. (Especially us. )


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